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Kolibri multi-stage & multi-generator systems

A new electricity generation concept of 3d printed portable wind turbine devices

KolibriWindStorm is a research group of persons, that is developing new innovative devices in order to bring to people and communities a new way of generating energy making it available for everybody.

Our Indiegogo campaign has opened and we have available as rewards our best devices. Come and discover it!!!

If you have a 3d printer you can follow our description and download the stl files for free of our basic bi-generator vertical wind turbine sample 50 watts at We have nearly 20.000 visits.

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Picture gallery

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Presentation from a group of students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences for their construction class project of our multi-stage & multi-generator vertical wind turbine system

Some articles found in the web talking about our devices and developments!!!

A pending patent covers the multi-stage device and extends the invention to closed/opened turbo-machines of any type and can be viewed in pdf document.


Video gallery

Some videos of the devices in action!!!

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Send us an email to subscribe or any other further request. We are here for this!!!

Thanks for submitting!

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